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    Surgical Shooting

    Teeth can be lost due to decay or trauma. In this case, the teeth are extracted. In tooth extraction, the roots are removed by taking support from the visible parts of the teeth. In some cases, the teeth are not visible in the mouth, excessively decayed and visible parts may have disappeared, and the roots may remain in the gum. In addition, especially 20-year-old teeth may remain intact. The teeth in this situation are extracted by surgical extraction method.

    Surgical tooth extraction is performed with anesthesia performed in normal tooth extraction. To reach the tooth, the gum is opened first and the bone on the tooth is removed with special tools and the tooth is extracted. Surgical extraction is also called closed extraction. After the extraction, the gum is closed by stitching and the stitches are removed one week later.

    There are some points to be considered in surgical shooting. The extraction area should be well cleaned and care should be taken to avoid germs. For this, brushing is done with slow movements using a soft toothbrush, and it is also good to gargle.

    Swelling and bruising may occur in the jaw after surgical extraction. Applying ice to that area around 24 hours after the extraction ensures less swelling.