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    Tooth extraction is a treatment method for teeth that do not respond to preventive treatment methods and cannot be saved by filling or root canal treatment applications due to reasons such as caries and infection (inflammation).

    We can summarize these situations as follows:

    • Teeth that cannot be saved by treatment due to advanced decay and material loss,
    • Broken teeth that cannot be treated as a result of impact,
    • Abscessed teeth that cannot be saved despite root canal treatment,
    • Swinging teeth due to advanced gingivitis,
    • Milk teeth that do not fall out on time,
    • Teeth causing problems due to excessive position change (turning, overturning, etc.),
    • Teeth in a cyst or tumor,
    • Incomplete (impacted) and problematic teeth,
    • In order to help orthodontic treatment due to lack of space, some teeth can be extracted even though they are problem-free.

    Things to consider after tooth extraction

    1. Do not rinse your mouth and spit constantly (otherwise you will delay the healing of the shooting wound).

    2. You may have bleeding in the form of leakage. This bleeding can continue for 6 to 24 hours. If you have a lot of bleeding, consult your doctor.

    3. You may have pain. In this case, you can take pain relief (except aspirin). Pain reaches its highest level, especially as your numbness passes. This is normal, it will be helpful to take pain relievers before the drowsiness resolves.

    4. Do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours.

    5. Do not insert your tongue or any other tool into the place where the tooth was extracted.

    6. Since the teeth are connected to the jawbone, bone appears after extraction and you may think that there is a piece of the extracted tooth. So don’t worry about that area at all. In a few days, the open bone will be covered with your gums.

    7. Do not eat anything until the numbness passes after tooth extraction. You can bite and injure numb areas without realizing it.

    8. Do not eat or drink very hot or cold foods. Eat liquid, soft and warm foods that do not need to be chewed within the first 24 hours. Then you can switch to daily foods with caution.

    9. If a tooth extraction is performed surgically, there may be swelling, this is normal. If stitches were made, it should be removed within 7 to 10 days. Be careful not to play with stitches, your tongue or your hands.