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    In recent years, our country has been successfully offering implant and aesthetic dentistry applications to patients from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, England and some Arab countries.

    Most of the European countries, which have changed their health policies due to the global crisis, exclude the dental treatments of their citizens from insurance coverage. Especially if they have high-cost dental prostheses and dental implants made in their own countries, state and private insurances do not cover the prosthesis and implant costs. The patient must pay the cost of these implants and prostheses.

    The high cost of dental treatment abroad enables the citizens of this country to choose Istanbul for their dental treatments.
    As a result of the rapid development of health tourism, a tourist who comes to Istanbul sees that the sum of expenses such as accommodation, plane and dental treatment is less than the cost of dental treatment in any European country. In addition, they have the opportunity to see our country, whose historical, geographical and natural beauty does not end, and to live in Istanbul, the city of civilizations.

    Our guests coming from abroad for treatment purposes mostly; IMPLANT- It comes for implant treatments and zirconium and porcelain crown bridge treatments, which are replaced by extracted teeth, known as tooth screwing or we can call tooth root. In our life where an aesthetic and healthy smile is very important, teeth whitening and smile design is another application that patients prefer most. Developments in porcelain tooth making make it easier to reach healthy and aesthetic teeth that cannot be distinguished from the real, color-changing, and painless.

    The main thing in health tourism is treatment. Other accommodation and holiday opportunities are organizations designed to make our patients comfortable and to make use of their free time during the treatment process. Our patients abroad will have TURKEY DENTISTRY dental film taken in a dental clinic in the country they want and send an e-mail to info@turkeydentistry.com. According to this film, dental treatments are evaluated by our doctors both in terms of cost and time. According to the resulting table, either by choosing one of our packages or by a program that he will set himself, the treatment process is initiated.